Classes Available

PRE-SCHOOL – Basic ballet, tap, motor activities. Ages 3-5. 45 min.

COMBINATION – Ballet, tap. Ages 5-11. 55 min.

PRE-POINTE – includes tap. Ages 9 and older. 55 min.

POINTE – includes tap. For Students of appropriate strength and technique. 1 1/4 hrs.

JAZZ – Ages 8 and older. 45 min.

HIP-HOP – ages 9 and older. 45 min.

LYRICAL – ages 11 and older. Must be currently enrolled in either ballet combo or ballet technique. 45 min.

REPERTORY – Extra class for serious students by permission. Must be currently enrolled Pointe combo, Jazz and ballet technique. Curriculum may include pointe, jazz, musical theater, modern. 55 min. $20 annual fee.

IRISH STEP DANCING – soft and hard shoe work. Ages 8 and older. 45 min.

BALLET TECHNIQUE – Basic ballet technique. Will not be showcased in the recital, thus no additional price of costume. 55 min.

POINTE VARIATIONS- Technique focusing on proper use of footwork in pointe shoes incorporated into learning various pointe variations from classical ballets.  Will not be showcased in recital, thus no costumes.  55 min.

COLLEGE – ballet, jazz, lyrical work for college aged. 55 min.

LEAPS/TURNS – specialty class to focus on leaps and turns fundamentals. Will not be showcased in the recital, thus no additional price of costume. 45 mins.

CONTEMPORARY – A style incorporating many style of dance including classical, modern and jazz. Ages 11 and up.

ADULT COMBO- May include ballet, tap, jazz, Irish

TUMBLING – individualized focus on strength and conditioning and tumbling skills. Ages 7 and up. 45 mins.

Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)

$20 per student

Family rates: $35 for 2 students $50 for 3 students or more.

# of classes per family
Class fee per session
$80.00 $80.00 $72.00 $70.50 $69.00 $67.50