Individual Costumes Needed for lighting 2018

Monday 5:15 Rep C







Grease: McKenna

5:15 Preschool







Good Ship Lollipop- Emma


5:15 Jazz







Still the One: Callie

  6:15 Beg Pointe







Spring(ballet): Magdalen

Boomshakalaka(tap): pink: Hannah


6:00 5/6 Combo







Sugar Pie Honey Bunch(tap): Molly

Rainbow(ballet): Scarlett

6:15 Adv Contemp







Heart Cry: Carlee

  7:30 Adv Pointe







I Like the Way You Move: Carlee and Daya

Another Day of Sun:

Daya, Emily, Sam

7:00 Boys







Believer: Bentley

7:00 Int/Adv Pointe







Romeo & Juliet: Kaitlyn

MJ Mix red: Jordyn

  8:45 Adv Jazz







Play That Sax: Sophie

  8:15 Int/Adv Jazz:








Tuesday 4:15 Pointe(Tricia)







La Priere(pointe): Cami

If You Can’t Rock Me(tap): Anna W, Stella H, Evelyn

4:15 Beg Hip Hop







Children: Addison Catlin

4:15 Pointe(Lindsey)







Emeralds(pte): Gwyneth

The Saints(tap): Ella

  5:30 Beg Lyrical










5:00 7/8 Combo







Sugar Sugar(ballet): Ashley B

Rock Star(tap): Mya H

5:30 Jazz







The Upside Down: McKenna

  6:15 Jazz







Emergency: Evie

6:00 True Beg Irish







Bridge Attack(hard) and McRee(soft): Raina

6:15 Adv Irish







Return of the Eagle(hard and Warriors(soft): Katie B

  8:00 Repertory A








Eyes of a Dragon:

red: Emily


silver: Jordyn

6:45 Hip Hop(Brooke)







Problem: Carly Jones


7:00 Hip Hop(Lindsey)







Church: Addi A.

Wednesday 10:00 Preschool    
  4:15 5/6 combo







Licorice Twist(tap):Megan

Bumble Bee(ballet):Kayla

  4:15 prepointe-







Swan Lake- Ashley S

MJ Mix- Ava R


   515-6:30 pointe







Copellia(pointe):Landon, Emily Rutt


545-630 jazz







It's a Good Day: Sophia Fox and Sophia Martinez

   6:30-7:30 repertory E







Grease: Sarah

630-730  7/8 combo:







tap: Shake Rattle n Roll



Yellow-Samantha Shaw

Blue- Kaylee

ballet: Candy Man – Kynli

6:30-715 int contemp







Chandelier: Kyanne

  7:30 Jazz







Time Warp- Emily K

730-815 contemp







Clowns: Evie

7:15-8 tumbling







Legends: Maire

  8:15 College







Grease- Laura

Imagine- All skirts

Thursday 430-515  Lyrical B







In a Heartbeat:Emily

   415-515 prepointe







Winter Sonata(ballet): Clara

It's a Hard Knock Life(tap): Sophie S

  5:15 Beg Pointe







Giselle- Lauren

MJ Mix purple- Alison R

515-615 5/6 Combo







Toot Sweets(ballet): Alayna W

Everything is Awesome(tap): Blake

515-615 repertory B








Eyes of a Dragon:

Listed above

  630-715 adv lyric








630-715 Beg/int Irish: Andrea M







Irish Reel(hard)


630-715 tumbling







Legends: Izzy


  715-8 jazz







Let's Get Started: Lindsey L

  715-8 adv hip hop







Question: Anna

  8:00 Tap







Emily V

Saturday 9-1015 pointe







Summer(pointe):Grace T

I Love Rock n Roll(tap):Kendra

9:00-9:45 Beg Jazz







Dance Like Your Daddy: Raina and Amon

9-10  5/6 combo







Lollipop(tap): Izzy, Gabriella and Harriet

Little April Showers(ballet): Hollis

  1015-11 jazz







Trudy: Julia

9:45-10:30 Preschool







I Like chocolate: Pippa

10-11 7/8 combo







Swan Lake(ballet)-Annalise

Peppermint Twist(tap)-Raina

    11-1145 Int/Adv Irish







Celtic Fire(hard)

The Arena(soft):

Emily W








11-1145 lyric

Oceans- Grace


  12-1 repertory D







Grease: Kayla

12-1245 Int. Irish







Matt and Nat(hard)

David's Jig(soft):


12-1245 contemp







I Want You Here:Julia