Individual costumes needed for lighting design 2017

Monday 4:45-5:45 5/6 Combo

Couldn’t Ask ..Friend-Addison Olson and Wyatt

Tap-Hawaiian Roller -Kaylee and Wyatt

430-515 Beg Hip Hop

We on Top – Sophie Fox


5:15-6:15 Rep D – 545-630 Adv Irish

Katie Bonness

5:30-615 2nd yr  Jazz

Signed Sealed Delivered: Hannah Rutt and Adyson Auman


6:15-7:15 Prepointe

Ballet: Ella A,

tap: Liliana W

6:45-730 Beg Irish

Andrea Miller

630-745 4th yr Pointe

Pointe- Cello Song- Emily Wiles and Leah Rathe

Tap- Bills- Jordyn Zehr

7:30-8:45 adv pointe

Pointe: Elyse

Tap- Bills – Sam Wiles

7:30-8:15 Beg Irish 1

Anna Buss

745-830 Jazz

Vogue – Emily Korinek


8:45-9:30 Adv Jazz

Levels – Lacey Jessen

8:30-915 Int Irish

Sarah Warwick


Tuesday 415-530  2nd pointe

pointe: Cami

tap: Kailyn



415-530 3rd yr Pte

Pte-   Escape    –

Gwyneth Gray

Tap- Juicy Wiggle

Ella Bonness

5:30-6:15 beg lyrical


530-615 Int Hip Hop  blessed

Mckenna Wiley



530-615 adv hip hop

Black Widow

Nikki Klosterman

615-700  Adv Lyrical


6:15-7 Preschool

It’s A Small World –



6:15-700 3rd  yr jazz

Fabulous – Evelyn Dahlman

700-815 5th yr pointe

Pte-Smooth Criminal- Aubrey Jade

Tap-Sing, Sing, Sing – Daya LaFleur and Olivia Glenn

815-900  Jazz

A Little Party – Katie Bonness

Wednesday 10-1045 Preschool

Tropical Sand- Brecklyn Milhon

415-530 4th  yr pointe

red: McKenna

purple: Kayla

pointe: Zoe



445-530 BOYS

Drop That – Camden Armstrong

430-530  Prepointe

Shout – Hannah Rutt

Firework – Alivia Miller

530-615 6th  yr jazz

Black and Gold – Sasha Glenn

530-615 Preschool

I Love Paris –

Jensen and Presley

530-615 5th yr jazz


615-715 8yr combo

Gotta Be Me – Helena Ebert and Grace Aldag

Edleweiss – Raye Aldag

615-7  Beg Contemp

These Four Walls


7:15-8:15 Rep A 715-8 3rd  yr jazz

Signed Sealed Delivered: Hannah Rutt and Adyson Auman

7-815 4th yr pointe

Come Dance With Me: Sophie P and Landon

There Rings a melody – Eva P and Landon

815-915 College

This Place Is A Shelter – Brooke Nelson

Thursday 445-530  Lyrical B




In The Dark – Kendra

430-530  prepointe

Faith – Reese Berstler

Cello Song – Callie Driebelbis

515-615 5/6 Combo   Try Everything – Hollis Johnson

Honor To  Us – Maggie Dee

530-615  Beg/Int HH


Kendra Riekenberg


6:15-700  Contemp A



6:15-7 Tumbling

Roll Up

Mackenzie Aldag, Sophia Baker, Amanda McWilliams, Kelsea Reichmuth

615-700  Int Contemp   Landon
7:15-8 TAP Only

Hair Up – Everyone bring tank top only for lighting – everyone wear tank and pants Friday

8-9 Rep C
Saturday 9:00-9:45 Beg Jazz

Party in the USA – Olivia M, Sophia F, Steely

9-10  5/6 combo

Little  Bitty Pretty Thing – Harriet Kulwicki, Maura Anderson, Mackenna Millard

Hot Hot Hot – Isabelle Tesch

10-11 Rep B 9:45-10:30 Preschool

La bamba – Pippa and Aiden

10-11 7/8 combo

Can Can – Annalise Aldag

Rock Around The Clock- Raina Medinger

11-1215 2nd pointe

Pointe: Raelyn

Tap: Kendra

11-1145 2nd jazz

Jam – Anna Buss


1215-1 4th yr Jazz


1145-1:00 Beg pointe

Hallelujah – Grace Troyer and Elly Hartter

Bills – Mya Vest

 Featured pieces:  Elyse Kohler, Anna S (trio)