Recital Information

Preparations for the recital are going well, which brings the need for this information. Performing at the Lied Center provides a wonderful opportunity for the dancers. This privilege should be regarded with great respect. We hope the entire studio will exhibit appropriate behavior, to enable our studio to return to the Lied Center. When we leave, we hope we all can feel a great sense of pride in the studio performance, both on and off the stage.

The sign-up recital post for volunteers is posted online. The last date to sign up is April 28. The Lied Center limits the number of people in the house at any one time during the rehearsals. On Friday, May 31, parents will be able to accompany young dancers during their rehearsal times. parents and dancers need to arrive 10 minutes before designated times and leave immediately after their dance is dismissed. On Saturday, only a few parents will be allowed in the house for dress rehearsal and will need to check in with security to receive a numbered tag to gain admittance.

If you have any questions please direct them to Jamie or Tricia.

I suggest parents of younger dancers to send paper, pencils, crayons, (no markers), playing cards, and anything that can be used or done sitting quietly in dressing room during the recital. Also send your child in a large men’s button-down the front shirt which can be worn over the costume to protect it.

NO video cameras allowed anywhere in the Lied Center after the Saturday’s dress rehearsal.

NO cameras in house area during recital.

At the intermission, remember to take your ticket stub and the ticket(s) of the child(ren) that you plan to have join you in the house seating. Tickets will be checked on re-entry.

REMINDER: TICKETS GO ON SALE May 14 to early buyers (RECITAL) volunteers and to the general public May 15 at the Lied Box Office. Web sales will open May 17.