Rules of Conduct

As dancers and parents associated with the Pas de Deux Dance Studio Spring Recital, you represent the studio, your instructors and yourselves. Please read and follow these rules in order that the recital can proceed with as few problems as possible:

  1. All dancers and parents shall respect and comply with any instructions set forth by the Lied Center, Pas de Deux Dance Studio and designated assistants.
  2. Other than when performing, dancers should remain in their dressing rooms during the recital. Dancers must get room mother's approval to leave the dressing room.
  3. Walk in the hallways… please do not run.
  4. No beverages or snacks allowed in dressing rooms, except water. The vending machines downstairs are for Lied staff ONLY.
  5. Parents must pick up dancers at the end of the rehearsal/recital at the JCT. Everyone must be out of the Lied Center 30 minutes after the end of the recital.
  6. For their own safety, dancers will not be allowed to leave the Lied Center unescorted.
  7. Dancers behavior should be appropriate and reflect on the overall success of the Pas de Deux Dance Studio recital.
  8. Lied Center policy: No dancers are allowed in the green room, small lounge area near stage right unless ill or injured. Permission must be given by Jamie or Tricia.
  9. Dancers may not use the JCT or adjacent area for any activity other than being dropped off and picked up by parents.
  10. No food or drink allowed in the house area of the Lied Center, this applies to dancers and parents during rehearsal and recital.
  11. When backstage stay behind the designated floor markings, to avoid being seen by the audience.
  12. No dancers, room mothers, or parents will be allowed to sit or stand in the backstage area unless they are with their group and are waiting to perform.