Saturday, May 30 rehearsal at the Lied 2015

1:00            Hallelujah, Gonna Dance, Hit Me Up,  Wipeout,  Son of Man, I want to be a Rockette, Maybe, Good Mornin, Don’t Rain on My Parade, Pineapple Rag, Gospel Truth

2:30           Princess Section Curtain Call, When Will my Life Begin, Mother Knows Best, I See the Light, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali, A Whole New World, Colors of the Wind, Just Around the Riverbend, Under the Sea, Kiss The Girl, Part of Your World, Working Song, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, A Dream Is A Wish, Curtain Call

4-5             DINNER BREAK

5:00           Bang bang, Irish and any extras, Lauren and Tannah

6:00           Waltz of Sleeping Beauty, Trebels, Fireball, Cha cha heels, Skeletons, Lips are Movin, Tessellate, Dream

7:00            Don Quixote, Summer jam, Hairspray, Hearts a mess, Ok It’s alright, Valerie, Ice Skater’s Waltz,  400 Lux, Shake it Off, I Always Will